Information about using MyDevelopmentHub and getting the most out of it.

Accessing MyDevelopmentHub

You can access MyDevelopmentHub using the link below or from the homepage of this site.  The first time you visit MyDevelopmentHub, you will need to create a username and password for CareerHub (the platform used to deliver MyDevelopmentHub).  If you are already a MyCareerHub user then your login details for that are the same for MyDevelopmentHub.



Searching for relevant content

MyDevelopmentHub content can be searched by the:

  • Skill you want to develop, strengthen or use
  • Type of development opportunity you want to access
    • an activity - learning by doing
    • an event - learning through attending
    • a resource - learning through reading, listening, watching
  • Type of activity, for example clubs, societies or student groups; community outreach and engagement; international experiences; sports; volunteering; work experience
  • Type of event, for example development workshops; information sessions; festivals or conferences
  • Level of commitment required (one-off, short-term, ongoing)
  • Location of the activity or event, for example something near your campus or perhaps something online

Restricted content

MyDevelopmentHub has been designed to ensure you only see content that is relevant to you.  For example, we do not want postgraduate students to have to scroll through lots of opportunities only available to undergraduates, or vice versa.  We want you to immediately be able to access activities, events and resources that you can get involved in and will be of interest.

That means that you might see some content that is different to your friends or flatmates.  Don't worry if that is the case - you should each be able to see content that you are eligible for and not the stuff that isn't relevant for you.  If you spot any mistakes, please let us know!

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Using MyDevelopmentHub

You can use MyDevelopmentHub in many ways.  We've listed some of the most common below - we'd love to hear about any other ways of using it that are important to you!

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Developing particular skills and attributes All content on MyDevelopmentHub is linked to at least one skill or attribute.  Searching for that skill will pull together any relevant activities, events or resources.  Sometimes the link to the skill is obvious, for example a workshop on verbal communication, but sometimes it might be more unexpected, for example an activity like peer support that develops a range of skills including verbal communication.
Thinking about your development more holistically It is important to recognise that you will develop through all parts of their your while at University, through your studies, your part-time work, your volunteering etc.  Seeing this can better help you own and manage how you grow, develop and succeed.
Getting more involved in University life University can be an amazing experience - curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular.  Sadly, all too often we hear from students that they only realise the extent of what is available too late.  MyDevelopmentHub aims to bring together as many opportunities and experiences as possible - once you start exploring you will uncover lots that you didn't expect!
Making the most of your University experience

MyDevelopmentHub can help show how the opportunities available to you can support your development, often in many ways you don't expect. 

For example, you may want to develop particular skills - searching for these on MyDevelopmentHub will identify opportunities directly tied to that skill, and other opportunities where the skill is one of many developed. 

Equally, you may want to be involved in an activity because of your interest in the role but not realise the range of skills you will develop through it.  

MyDevelopmentHub can help highlight the breadth of what is available to you and to recognise that everything you are involved in during University will develop a wide range of skills and abilities.